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Fast Growing IT services and support

We Help Businesses Benefit From AI Technology.
Being the best AI developer worldwide, we focus on developing advanced AI applications and enterprise solutions for global businesses.

Softteksystem Consulting is a global organisation focused on delivering talent solution services to some of the most renowned companies in the world, across industries. softteksysteme has now become a leading recruitment provider in the areas of Information Technology, Digital, Executive Search and Engineering Services.

Our current focus are the markets of UK, Europe, and North America. We have been successful in all these markets by having professionals who have deep understanding of the trends in the local markets. This enables us to deliver our services reliably and with speed.

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Our Company

Fast Growing IT services and support

softteksystem provides a modern, science-based sales recruiting platform for growth-stage technology companies. Powered by our proprietary technology, leading assessment science, and a national recruiter network, we deliver qualified candidates with the right sales DNA to drive next-level results. Stop hiring based-on ‘gut feelings’. Our proven system helps to reduce hiring mistakes and costly turnover by accurately predicting compatibility, longevity, and success before hiring.

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Attract & Recruit Better Candidates

92% of recommended candidates reach the top half of the sales force in the first year.

Fill Open Sales Positions Faster

Reduce hiring time by 50% with pre-screened and qualified candidates ready to move forward in the hiring process.

IntegrityReduce Hiring Mistakes

Eliminate 96% of hiring mistakes and cut turnover by more than 33% with industry leading assessment science.